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Pixelated and over-colored images, synthesizer sounds that mix with motorcycle noises and the smell of beer is in the air ...
The styles are washed denim on pure white Hanes shirts and heather grey jogging pants.
Stepping out of your house when the sun is deep and the air in the locker room is so tense that you can almost cut it. 

We're chilling on our couch and are watching our very own version of a true 80s Hollywood blockbuster. Come over and join us!
Take a seat, grab a snack and watch the movie through our Bulang and Sons perspective and dive into our latest collection and its contemporary twist.

Inspired and re-created.
We're proud to present you our latest collection. Sit back and enjoy:
We took our FIVE favorite characters, extracted their DNA, added some fun and loads of love and attention to details and this sequenced move from look to look is the result.
From custom patches, to vintage items up to Upcycled masterpieces. And of course watch lover cherries all over the place. 
Nothing better than a proper Leather jacket that protects you on a fast bike ride. The customized G1 Flight Jacket keeps our very own MAV cool and safe with full throttle. The PVD coated Orfina Porsche Chrono will be his loyal Co-pilot.
Check out the curated MAV items here
The perfect mix of matt and shiny deepness in a creasy surface refined by the boxed contrast stitch elevates this strap to a valley kind of feeling.
Check out the signature MAV Watch Strap here

Moving from butt cheek to butt cheek on an uncomfortable wooden chair. Listening and learning. How tedious it can be, with the Limited Edition Upcycled MVRK Document Case you can at least do it in style.
Check the details on this collab with TAKTONIK here
Thick steam is all over the changing room. The Grivec Bros belt is pulled tight, the jungle jacket is in place and the Zip Tote Keepall Bag sits loosely in the hand. The locker door squeaks when it closes and there are a couple of casual sayings to the colleagues on your way out.
The square punched suede leather gives any watch a loosely airy feel while fitting any watch safe to your wrist.
Check out the signature ICE Watch Strap here

It's time to take a break. At least that's what your Plexi Datejust says. The Custom Vintage Helmet Bag is packed and you're off to the beach. First you relax and then you look for opponents for a quick Volleyball match.
The unique Rhino-like haptique of this leather creates a visible strength on this strap.

You catch everyone's eye with your floral, loosely fitting Fortela shirt and the ear of the guests in the bar because only you think you have the talent to sing out of your lungs!
You are celebrated because your Vintage Ray Ban Leathers make you look like a real superstar and you radiate pure sympathy.
A luscious deep tone of orange and a glistening creasy surface refined by the angular contrast stitch attracts any eye.
Check out the signature GOOZ Watch Strap here

Time for a serious conversation. On the way out of your house you throw on the Custom CWU Jacket, pull the cap tightly on your head and your Ray-Ban Shooter glasses cover the view of your eyes. Your look radiates 100% self-confidence and the other person knows it is getting serious.

The legendary and historical important Aviator watch strap design alone complements every wristwatch, but the combination of the expressive blue tone and the off white contrast stitch creates a 10/10 look.
Check out the signature VIPR Watch Strap here

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