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Article: One Watch, Five Days, Five Ways - Tudor Pelagos LHD

One Watch, Five Days, Five Ways - Tudor Pelagos LHD

One Watch, Five Days, Five Ways - Tudor Pelagos LHD

Our latest installment of the “One Watch…” series focuses on one of our favourite new release modern dive watches from one of our favourite brands. The Tudor Pelages LHD is a versatile watch and it looks good however you chose to wear it – as you’re about to see…

Tudor have now embarked on a tradition of mid-year releases, the first being the Black Bay Black back in 2015 which was followed in 2016 by the instant hit Pelagos LHD. The LHD was the first officially released watch from the Rolex stable with individual caseback markings, inspired by the issued watches used by the military and Comex. The vintage-esque patina, roulette date wheel, destro (left-handed) crown and unique caseback number have collectively made this one of the hottest watches of the moment.


Caramel Buckle Strap 22mm

The Pelagos takes its unmistakable cue from the snowflake watches from the brand’s rich history. The Pelagos LHD takes this further with aged patina on the hour markers, hands and bezel insert. This cool vintage vibe was no more apparent then when I wore the watch on the B&S Caramel Vintage buckle strap. The cream side stitch detail was ‘drop-dead’ against the hour plots and the whole effect gave the watch a tropical feel that was more noticeable with this combination than any other!


Lumberjack Buckle Strap 22mm

I have to be honest right from the beginning and tell you that this is my favourite strap for the watch. Since selecting five straps for this piece and shooting the pics my LHD has stayed on the Lumberjack buckle strap. The red tones and deep chestnut colour is the perfect combination with the almost tobacco like hue of the dial and bezel insert on the LHD. Perfect for a British autumn and would be my choice if I wore the watch to go shooting.


Muro Nato 22mm

Black on black is timeless and the Muro Natostrap works flawlessly on the Pelagos. One of my favourite attributes of the Tudor is the matte finish on the dial, which gives it a military tool watch vibe. The waxy finish of the Muro is inspired by the aged weatherworn marble walls of the old buildings in Lucca. The combination of the two together has an over all effect of being very stealthy and perfect for under-the-radar operations! This effect is heightened by the pairing of the matte finish leather against the matte finish of the titanium case.


Diablo Nato 22mm

A Bulang & Sons special leather, the Diablo is a very popular strap and the 22mm nato strap worked really well on the Pelagos. The red accents on the LHD’s dial and so-called roulette date wheel work beautifully against the red accents in the Diablo’s leather. The height of the watch on a leather nato also gives a greater sense of presence on the wrist which I really loved too.


Caramel Nato 22mm

The Caramel Nato has its own character that has positioned it as one of the most popular and enduring choices from our boutique. The supple leather and authentic patina make the leather a subtle yet timeless compliment to the macchiato-esque lume markers and hands on the new Pelagos. One of my favourite aspects of te Pelagos family in general is the almost silky effect of the titanium case. The brushed steel buckle on the nato strap was actually not that different a finish to the case and the two worked together really well.

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