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Article: One Watch, Five Days, Five Ways - the Seiko 62MAS

One Watch, Five Days, Five Ways - the Seiko 62MAS

One Watch, Five Days, Five Ways - the Seiko 62MAS

Today we are back with our ‘One Watch, Five Days, Five Ways’ series and we are excited to feature one of the most iconic and interesting vintage dive watches – the legendary Seiko 62MAS. The 62MAS is the founding father of Seiko dive watches – the first professional dive watch in the brand’s history. At Bulang and Sons we love to share with you our love of iconic and legendary vintage watches. For us, if a watch has a cool vibe we want to share with you different ways that our style can be interpreted to create different moods. We can think of no better way to share these with you than to show you us wearing it over a week in our unique Bulang and Sons style! Five Days and five ways…

Dive watches can be really versatile. Yeah sure, we know they are sports watches but they can easily be styled up to suit any occasion or mood that you feel. The Seiko 62MAS in particular is a great watch to wear through the summer and like its Rolex rival, the Submariner, it can be rocked on different straps and bracelets depending on your destination, dinner or date!

Day 1 – Vintage Steel Mesh Bracelet

Ebay is a treasure trove for the patient hunter and there are always interesting vintage watch parts to be found. Our first day with the Seiko was with a super cool and unique steel mesh bracelet. The bracelet has fairly simple folded endlinks where it meets the the lugs, but the construction is actually very ornate and complex up close. The over all look was very ‘shark hunter’ and gave the watch a cool vintage vibe. It look particularly cool when worn alongside one of our Studerbaker cuffs.

Day 2 – Refined Light Brown Suede Strap

We are very excited about the new Nordic collection here at Bulang and Sons and the Refined Light Brown Suede was our pick to wear on the 62MAS. The soothing light brown tone was brilliant against the patina of the hour markers and hands of the Seiko. As a tonally light look for summer for the beach bar or marina it is our choice for the season!

Day 3 – Tropic Strap

As the 62MAS is the first professional dive watch from Seiko, it seems fitting to marry the watch with a tropic strap – the first ever rubber watch strap. The Tropic strap was first brought to market in the early 60s and it soon became common place on Rolex and Tudor Submariners as they were hardy and cheap to buy compared to steel bracelets. The trademark embossed basket weave finish is as iconic as the watches they connect to the divers. It’s a cool retro-divers look and we think it is perfect on the Seiko. Two icons joined together! And why not add a third? The luxurious Hermes leather bracelet is cool juxtaposed with the inexpensive Tropic strap, what founder Bernhard refers to as “pleasant friction”.

Day 4 – Racing Lumberjack Leather Strap

Our racing straps are inspired by the golden era of automotive racing. The punched holes that run along the length of the strap are a reference to the drilled pedals and perforated rims on racing cars to make them as light as possible. This look on the Seiko gives the watch an added dimension and classy sporting elegance that we love. Racing your vintage 911 or driving your Range Rover to a shoot; this look would be the perfect companion!

Day 5 – Faccio Brown Leather Nato Strap

Inspired by the Tuscan summer and a creamy espresso macciato, the Faccio nato strap is the balance between elegance and rugged tool watch look. The leather of this strap is aged gently and is a great compliment to the gentle patina of the Seiko 62MAS. The construction of the nato strap and the way that it passes under the watch gives the watch raised profile on the wrist and a greater presence all round.

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