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Dear Bulang & Sons Friends,

Just in time for the start of the Summer, we are happy to offer you a cool selection of suede watch straps for your beautiful watches. The shades of grey and blue remind us of our times at the beach – wearing our watches to have a drink in the sand, meeting up with friends or a relaxed walk around the city. Light, elegant and so comfortable as a summer choice, it’s summer suede.

B&S Summer style 03 LR

B&S Summer style 02 LR
These watch straps also add some real style to your watch, sometimes a pleasant contrast but always the perfect compliment!

B&S W-235 Rolex 1803 WG bracelet 16 LR

B&S 6-2016 SWEDE STYLE 16 LR

B&S Silky Suede Dark Grey Leather Strap 19 mm

B&S 6-2016 SWEDE STYLE 01

B&S Silky Suede Dark Blue Elegante Leather Strap 20 mm

B&S 6-2016 SWEDE STYLE 10

B&S Silky Suede Grey Leather Strap 20 mm

B&S 6-2016 SWEDE STYLE 06

As you might have seen all around you – this summer blue is hot, especially in combination with some natural colors. Of course, we have just the right straps and accessories for this key look…

B&S 'Bund' Vintage Blue Leather Strap 20 mm

B&S Silky Suede Dark Blue Elegante Leather Strap 20 mm

B&S straps in use 729

B&S Indigo Scarf Minori 01

Indigo People OGORI Scarf

B&S Summer style 01 LR

You can find the full selection in our shop…

Have a Mojito, relax and enjoy!

B&S Suede banner magazine

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