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The Stonehenge Watch Strap - Made of Vintage Barbour Fabric - Jubilee Edition

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How to change my watch strap?

Changing your watch strap is easier than you think. Make sure you have a good quality watch tool, and we'll show you in the video below how to easily switch your 1) steel and/or 2) leather strap.

Original Barbour Wax Instructions

This strap comes with original Barbour wax included.

Please apply the wax sparingly only to the top surface (on the Barbour fabric). Allow approximately 12-24 hours to absorb the wax, and decide if a second application is necessary if needed.
Avoid the wax to be applied beyond the edges (it should not be applied on the lining leather).

Shipping & Returns

Handmade essentials

Our watch essentials are handmade in Italy. Each item is an individual piece with its own structure and colour which may differ slightly from the one on display in our online shop.

Care instruction

Our watch essentials are made of the finest natural materials. If they are made of leather you can be sure there is no chemical coating or waxing on top, which is why they are so very soft and full of character. This natural quality also causes aging of the material as time passes. Every item gets its own individual patina, which is something we love. Please don’t treat the leather with oil or wax as it ruins the whole nature of the product.

This also comes with a warning: avoid direct contact with water, as it may cause stains. We recommend not watering plants next to these watch essentials.

Prehistoric and always a mystery

Transcending the boundaries of time and space

A tribute to the enigmatic presence of Stonehenge, where ancient stones stand silent sentinel amidst the rolling plains of Wiltshire.

Drawing inspiration from the monument's stoic beauty, our design captures the essence of its grey and dark tones, imbuing each wearer with a sense of mystery and wonder. Just as the stones of Stonehenge seem to vanish into the horizon as the sun sets, leaving behind an aura of mystique and magic, our watch strap evokes a similar sense of intrigue.

When adorning your wrist, you'll feel connected to the ancient rhythms of time, enveloped in the enigmatic energy that surrounds this legendary site.

Wax on, Wax off

A Decade of Bulang & Sons - Win a Rolex

Customer Reviews

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High quality and environmentally ‘green’ strap

Maxime Henriod

Incredible looking and feeling!