Strap Guide – Omega Speedmaster CK 2998 Limited Edition

Welcome to the Bulang and Sons Strap Guide. Our aim is to showcase some of our most popular straps on a range of iconic watches so you can see how the different combinations work.

The Omega Speedmaster CK 2998 Limited Edition

The Omega Speedmaster CK 2998 has a reinterpretation of one the most desirable of all the Speedmaster bezels – the pulsation scale. Essentially developed for doctors to quickly calculate a patients pulse, they are rare and command a serious premium on vintage watches. The styling cues will be familiar to Speedy fans, but with a bead-blasted silver dial and striking red stopwatch hand, this limited run Omega really does catch the eye. 

We have selected a number of 20mm straps that we believe perfectly suit this watch for whatever occasion or mood for which you choose to wear it. Whatever the weather, whether on land, sea or in space – we believe there will be a strap here to suit your requirements!


Some of our straps are available in short or long lengths – make sure you choose the best fit for you…
If your selection is out of stock, please add yourself to the waiting list and you’ll be notified when its back in stock.


20mm – Black Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Caramel Brown Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Siena Brown Boxed Stitch Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Nautic Basket Weave Black Rubber Style Watch Strap


20mm – Cosaro Brown Retro Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Black Boxed Stitch Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Taurillon Creme Speedy Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Taurillon Brown Speedy Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Taurillon Black Speedy Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Taurillon Dark Brown Speedy Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Racing Caramel Brown Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Smokeyjack Grey Leather Watch Strap


20mm – Gilt Brown Tonal Leather Watch Strap