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De "Bulang" in Bulang and Sons

Bernhard Bulang

BERNHARD BULANG - De "Bulang" in Bulang and Sons

Excerpt from an interview with Bernhard:

"I was a vintage watch collector. I was a connoisseur perhaps, but I never wanted to be a watch dealer, maybe also because of the association that comes with it, haha.
So how did I get into this? Because of my passion for vintage watches, and the possibilities that the internet opened in these days, I created and started writing a personal blog and was active on several watch topic related fora under the name "Bullibeer". Just for fun and out of passion. As a profession I had my own Design Agency, so there was nothing more to it, it was just my way of spending my free time.

But then, it became popular suddenly, and it was then that people started to ask all kind of questions, and asked if they could buy some of my watches. I only buy high quality watches since obviously that is what I want to wear myself. Ofcourse these beauties are easy to sell again, so when I sold some and bought new ones for my private collection, it repeated, again and again. Before I realized, Bernhard the Watch dealer was born, hahaha.

I still have the mindset of a private collector, and I believe that was and is my success. I really think I sell great watches (but judge for yourself), and at least it stil must hurt a little bit each time when I sell them. :-) If one day it doesn't anymore, I will stop."

De "Son" in Bulang and Sons

Berend Bulang

BEREND BULANG - De "Son" in Bulang and Sons

As the son of founder and owner Bernhard Bulang, it's no surprise that Berend is a lover of vintage watches. From a young age, he immersed himself in the world of watches through fairs and gatherings such as the famous Passion Meetings, surrounded by some some of the best vintage watch experts, and stunning watches in the world. You may already know him from his early days as a 12-year-old boy running the Bulang and Sons booth at multiple watch fairs in Germany. But his true passion is finding and handling exceptional vintage watches, and it's no surprise that he has become a true expert in the field of vintage watches. Not just as a son, but also as a partner of Bernhard, he seeks vintage and neo-vintage watches for passionate collectors worldwide.


The "Heart" of Bulang and Sons

She possesses the heart of owner Bernhard Bulang and is the heart of Bulang and Sons. She started the business together with Bernhard and is still the driving force behind the scenes. We don't lie when we say that she also knows how to win the hearts of our customers with her always friendly and helpful attitude. Nynke has a background in education but always shared the dream of running a family business together. She couldn't care less about luxury but couldn't care more about customer service. Her name appears very regularly in our customer reviews.


Vintage Watch Expert

For years, a colleague and friend with a love for watches and a vintage Rolex collector. If you look up the term "vintage watch expert" in a dictionary, you'll find Danny's picture there. A member of the Bulang and Sons team since 2017, Danny is always on the lookout for the most beautiful watches and buys and sells with a genuine heart for collectors.

Bernhard and Danny are kindred spirits and share a passion for truly unique timepieces and other well-designed products with a soul.

Cool Guy that loves Watches

Guy Gense

GUY GENSE - Operations & Sales Watch Department

Beware of this 'Guy', he leads operations and sales in our watch department. Guy graduated in Business Administration, but at the same time, he's been a passionate watch enthusiast for about ten years and used to be a well-known customer of Bulang and Sons. When he saw Team Bulang growing, he seized the opportunity to join us and now plays a key role in the operations of the watch department. If you contact us for information about a watch, it's usually Guy who responds; when he's not busy coordinating with our watchmakers, researching new watches, and planning upcoming watch collections with the team. However, be warned, Guy loves watches and his enthusiasm is contagious... you'll eventually want to buy that special piece!


Operations Manager

Giacomo was active in the streetwear and fashion world before joining Bulang and Sons in 2015. Since then, he has been Bernhard's right-hand man, responsible for marketing, business development, and organization. Giacomo is an unwavering source of inspiration, out-of-the-box ideas, and reality checks. He has co-created some of our most popular collections with Bernhard.


The "brain" in Bulang and Sons

Patrick wants you to be part of our club, because "this is where you Bulang!" People are important to Patrick, they make him happy. Happy people make him even happier. This is Patrick's ambition in everything that he devises for our customers.

Patrick advises on the overall strategy of Bulang and Sons. He works for large international companies with a strong digital focus and aims to ensure that the online experience and interaction are as engaging as a physical, offline business. Last but not least, Patrick has excellent taste and therefore often looks in the mirror!


Finance & Control

Bas "show-me-the-money" Kolkman ensures that everything is in order, financially and operationally. After a career in banking and subsequently working as CFO at leading companies, Bas now enjoys running exciting projects at Bulang and Sons. One of those projects is involving our customers in fun and interesting business opportunities at Bulang and Sons. Crowdfunding, royalty programs, you name it.

In short, when it comes to finance, Bas... is the Boss.


Online Marketeer

Meet Britney, Ms. Marketing at heart. Just graduated, she has already brought innovation and fun to Bulang and Sons, understanding like no other what appeals to watch lovers. Britney is the driving force behind our marketing, enthusiastically managing social media platforms, filming and editing interesting videos, creating newsletters, and bringing a lot of cheerfulness along the way. Britney not only connects with her work but also enjoys connecting with our valued customers. Discover life at Bulang and Sons through Britney's lens!


Quality Control and UX Design

If you're wondering who ensures the quality of our amazing watch straps and flawless website, look no further.It's Pascal!
His dedication to his work is undeniable; as an extremely driven and precise professional, Pascal ensures that every watch strap meets the highest standards before reaching our valued customers.

With a background in programming, Pascal loves juggling with codes. He ensures the smooth operation of our website. Not only ensuring that everything is up-to-date, but also as user-friendly as possible. Pascal, with more hair on his chin than on his head :-)



Alice makes all our watches shine with her cool photos! She joined the team in 2019, after extensive work in the fashion world. As a self-proclaimed nerd and voyeur, she enjoys the diversity that watch collecting culture has to offer. Although relatively new to the world of watches, with a team like Bulang and Sons by her side, she learns something new about watches with every photo she takes. She loves spending her days in the office delving into a new collection or unique piece and simply finding the perfect way to tell its story.


Watch Editor

Ross has been friends with Bernhard for a long time. He is the world's number one vintage Tudor expert. He is also the founder of and a passionate admirer of Tudor, Rolex Zenith Daytonas, and Ovettone Rolex watches. We are proud to have him on our team, where he writes about watches in his signature style for Bulang and Sons. Check out his articles in our online magazine.



Our office mascot is always cheerful and makes our workspace feel more homely. She spends cold winter days on the windowsill but is always ready to play. Her daily walks keep us active!