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Bulang and Sons

My father was a collector and I inherited his love and values for acquiring beautiful objects, understanding the deeper magic and connection. Most important was finding the best possible examples and connecting with people who shared these passions. As a teenager, I would accompany him on his buying trips and learn about these collector communities.

These values underpin Bulang and Sons today and will into the future.

Bernhard Bulang - Founder

the beginnings

Passionate Collecting

My obsession with watches began the moment I bought my first vintage watch. For many years I have been collecting the finest vintage watches and co-founded the famous international Passion Meetings. I have owned many world-class examples from the finest brands and have studied and handled thousands of high-quality watches over the years.

Today, we still only buy and sell watches that we would be proud to own ourselves.

established in 2012

Bulang and Sons was born

In 2012 my dream of launching a lifestyle brand for watch lovers came true. Bulang and Sons connected my passion for watches, style and design. We now have thousands of loyal customers worldwide and have defined a new retail genre; but be sure there is only one Bulang and Sons!

We are the original innovators and we still strive to inspire.

growing the brand

Style for watch lovers

Over the years we have continued to build both our brand and our team. Team Bulang is now a team of 10 people who are all constantly exploring new concepts, ideas, styles and collections. We have become renowned for our limited collections, such as our M65 and Jungle Jackets, luxury bags and fashion lines.

Bulang and Sons has a world-class reputation for high quality products and customer service.

next generation

Welcome Berend Bulang

Berend Bulang has always been involved in Bulang and Sons. Over the years he has accompanied me to watch fairs and get-togethers, much like I did with my father. Berend is taking the Bulang and Sons message to people of his own generation and growing their interest in vintage watches, like his personal vintage Datejust.

The next generation of watch collectors is a key priority.

our promise

style, passion and quality are timeless

My dream is the full concept store for watch lovers that hosts events and eventually might expand to a hotel and business club. Key for us is the connection with our customers and from our head office in Heerlen, Netherlands we constantly challenge ourselves to stay fresh, approachable, exciting and inspiring in everything that we do.

Enjoy some time at our online store. We welcome your feedback, ideas and passion.

Bernhard Bulang