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Jubilee Rules and Regulations

On this page, we try to explain the games, contests and activities during the celebration of our 2024 jubilee, and the rules and regulations to this regard. If anything is unclear, or you have any additional question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

In 2024, Bulang and Sons is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, "A Decade of Bulang and Sons." As part of the celebration, we're hosting lots of fun activities, games, and contests for our customers. When you join in, you earn "Jubilee Points."

Participation starts with registering for these Jubilee Activities It's important to note that if you're already subscribed to our regular newsletter, you won't be automatically enrolled in the Jubilee activities. To ensure we can keep track of your Jubilee Points, you must separately subscribe to the Jubilee activities.

1 – Short overview Rules and Regulations

In accordance with the Dutch code of conduct for promotional games of chance (gedragscode promotionele kansspelen), Bulang and Sons outlines the Rules and Regulations for its Jubilee activities:

1. Prizes awarded do not exceed EUR 4500.

2. Bulang and Sons handles declaration and payment of gaming taxes, if applicable.

3. Participation in activities requires subscription via our website ( in order for us to track Jubilee Points. Participation is free of charge.

4. Participating in various games, activities, and contests will earn you "Jubilee Points." The top scorer receives the main prize, a Vintage Rolex Watch. The second highest scorer wins the second prize, a Rolex Blanket, while the third highest scorer is awarded the third prize, a Rolex Wallet.

5. If two or more people have the same number of Jubilee Points and qualify for a prize, we'll have a random draw overseen by an independent legal officer (lawyer).

6. The activities start in March 2024 and take place throughout the year of 2024. The winners of the prizes as mentioned above (point 4) are announced on 13th December 2024.

7. Details on how to earn Jubilee Points for each activity are in the next section (paragraph 2). A transparent record of customer participation and Jubilee Points is accessible for authorized oversight. For privacy, only the winners' first names and cities of residence will be publicly disclosed by Bulang and Sons.

2 – Games, Contests, Activities and Jubilee Points

The activities, games and contests are divided in 2 sections:

1) The “Joint Business” Games and
2) The Instagram Games.

2.1 The Joint Business Games

2.1.1    The Bulang Think Tank

Customers of Bulang and Sons have the option to join our "Bulang Think Tank." We highly value the opinions of our customers as we navigate various challenges, such as decisions regarding suppliers, products, and business investments.

We engage our Bulang Think Tank members digitally, presenting them with these challenges, opportunities, and debates through questionnaires, design mockups, and polls. Each challenge is termed a "Business Case," which we distribute via email to our Bulang Think Tank members along with a closing deadline.

The number of Jubilee Points awarded to participants varies depending on the complexity and time commitment of each Business Case, typically ranging from 25 to 300 Jubilee Points. Members can then choose whether to participate in a given Business Case before the announced deadline.

(Still under development: In future cases, we may offer Think Tank Members investment opportunities similar to crowdfunding related to these Business Cases, or provide discounted pre-order options for a limited time on new products presented to the Think Tank Members.)

2.1.2    ‘Co-Design your personal strap’ Contest

In spring 2024 (expected April or May), Bulang and Sons will launch an exciting contest where customers can unleash their creativity by designing their own ultimate watch strap. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options including special fabrics or leathers, different strap types (such as vintage, NATO, boxed-stitched, racing, etc.), stitching options and colors, as well as additional special features.

Here's how the contest will unfold:

1. Submission Phase: Customers will upload their mood boards along with optional written comments before the announced deadline.

2. Selection of Top Ideas: The top three designs will be chosen.

3. Feedback and Production: The selected customers will receive feedback, including technical optimization and possibilities. Upon agreement, the watch straps will be taken into production.

4. Naming and Recognition: Each winning design will be given the name of its designer. For example, if the designer's name is John McMillan, the strap will be called "The John McMillan Black Leather Racing Strap."

5. Royalties:
The designers of the winning straps will receive 10% royalties on the sales of their strap for 12 months following its publication.

Participants in the contest will earn 125 Jubilee Points, and an additional 50 Jubilee Points will be awarded to each of the three winners.

This contest promises to be an exciting opportunity for our customers to showcase their creativity and design talents, while also offering the chance for recognition and royalties for the winning designs.

2.2 The Instagram Games

As part of the 2024 jubilee celebrations, participating in various Instagram games can earn you Jubilee Points. To ensure you don't miss out on these games, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @bulangandsons and keep an eye on the hashtag #bulang_jubilee.

When you subscribe to our jubilee activities, we request your Instagram account name. It's important to participate in the games using this submitted Instagram account so we can properly award you the Jubilee Points.

2.2.1    GuessWhat(ch)…?

Every Sunday, we feature a mystery watch on our Instagram page by revealing a tiny detail of the watch. Can you guess which watch it is?

Post your guess in the comments and earn 10 Jubilee Points for participating. The first correct answer posted in the comments will win the contest and earns 25 Jubilee Points.

2.2.2    Spot the Landmark

Here's how you can earn Jubilee Points:

1. Posting a Wristshot:

- Share a wristshot taken at a recognizable location with a notable landmark in the background.
- Remember to include the hashtag #bulang_jubilee when posting.
- We'll contact you via private message to confirm the location for verification purposes.
- Posting your wristshot earns you 50 Jubilee Points.
- You can post multiple wristshots, but Jubilee Points will only be awarded for the first 4 wristshots you post.

2. Commenting on a Wristshot:

- If someone else has posted a wristshot under #jubilee_bulang, try to guess the location.
- Post your guess in the comments to earn 10 Jubilee Points.
- The first correct guess posted will win 25 Jubilee Points.

Remember to participate using the Instagram account you submitted to us when subscribing to the jubilee activities.

2.2.3    The Watch Expert Trivia

We will regularly post watch related trivia questions on Instagram. If you think you know the answer, simply post it in the comments to earn 10 Jubilee Points. The first correct answer posted will be awarded 25 Jubilee Points.

2.2.4    Weekly Strapvaganza Giveaway

Make sure to have registered to our jubilee activities to participate in this giveaway.

Every Friday, we feature one of our watch straps or accessories that you have the chance to win. To participate, ensure you have registered for the jubilee activities on our website. According to Instagram's Rules and Regulations, you are not required to like the post or comment on why you would like to win the product. However, if you choose to do so, we would greatly appreciate it.

There are no jubilee points to be earned related to this giveaway. The product is what you can win. 😊