Strap Guide – Patek Philippe Annual Calendar White Gold Reference 5205

Welcome to the Bulang and Sons Strap Guide. Our aim is to showcase some of our most popular straps on a range of iconic watches so you can see how the different combinations work.

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar White Gold Reference 5205

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar White Gold with automatic movement displays day, date, month, 24-hour reading and moonphase and is all the quality you would expect from Patek. This wristwatch has a simply wonderful dial, finished in two-tone grey with black applied hour markers and matching black hands. The white seconds hand pops due to its bright white colour. 

We have selected a number of 20mm straps that we believe perfectly suit this stunning timepiece and balance a classic or more sporty design for whatever occasion or mood you choose to wear it.

Some of our straps are available in short or long lengths – make sure you choose the best fit for you…
If your selection is out of stock, please add yourself to the waiting list and you’ll be notified when its back in stock.

20mm - En Vogue Leather Watch Strap

20mm - Montmartre Brown Leather Watch Strap

20mm - St. Émilion Leather Watch Strap

20mm - Café Noir Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Black Straight Stitch Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Brilliant Black Lizard Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Cognac Brown Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Cognac Ostrich Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Dark Brown Alligator Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Elephant Grey Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Newman Black Croco Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Newman Faccio Brown Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Taurillon Nocturne Blue Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Peccary Brown Heritage Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Refined Light Brown Suede Watch Strap

20mm – Rich Black Creme Stitch Leather Watch Strap

20mm – The Ripstop Watch Strap

20mm – Sellier Ciel Blue Leather Watch Strap

20mm - Sellier Ebene Brown Leather watch Strap

20mm - Sellier Marbre White Leather watch Strap

20mm - Siena brown Leather watch Strap

20mm - Smoke Grey Leather watch Strap

20mm - Taurillon Ebene Brown Leather watch Strap

 20mm - Taurillon Grey Heritage Leather watch Strap

20mm - Taurillon Loutre Grey Leather watch Strap

20mm - Taurillon Moutarde Leather watch Strap

20mm - Taurillon Noisette Brown Leather watch Strap